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New to Epoxy Tumblers?

I always hear the question asked. "What do I need to start?"

Please understand Epoxy is a chemical and should be treated as such. Use adequate ventilation and proper PPE when working with Epoxy and understand the off-gassing takes place up to 72 hours after application. People sensitive to Epoxy should not handle cups prior to the 72 hour window. For more information on this matter please visit the Facebook group Epoxy is Not My Friend.

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  • Do your turners come with the footballs

    James Cantley
  • Christina, I believe the full face respirator listed will work over glasses. That may be a question to ask in the group.

  • If you wear glasses, what type of respirator is recommended?

    Christina L Lapham
  • It sound to me like dust nibs. Use a tack cloth before applying epoxy and be sure your workspace is clean. If you’re working in an open garage and its windy outside this could be hard to control.

  • Question why is it I get little bitty dots In my epoxy when i do the wood grain cups, like a dot of sand.
    Have tried to heat them up have stroked over them again, have even tried to stick a pin in them, they still are there.

    Creations by leggs

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